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Look no further for all your piano tuning, repair, maintenance & restoration needs in Toronto and the GTA. Our technicians have been serving the Toronto area for nearly 20 years, offering dependable, quality workmanship to countless satisfied customers along the way. From exceptional high-end grand pianos in some of the city’s most prestigious concert halls, to long forgotten family heirlooms collecting dust in a basement, we’ve seen and serviced them all.

Piano Maintenance

Piano Maintenance Toronto

Regular tuning and maintenance of your piano is paramount to keeping it in proper working condition. Neglecting an instrument over an extended period of time can lead to costly and unnecessary damage to the piano’s structural and mechanical components. Depending on usage, it’s always preferential to have your piano tuned a minimum of one to two times a year. Failure to properly maintain one’s piano can often lead to it becoming untunable. From a simple slow/sticky key or broken hammer to a complete overhaul of your instrument’s action parts, Ivories.ca can offer you affordable repair and maintenance solutions guaranteed to get you playing in no time.

Service You Can Trust

In this day and age, it’s all too easy to get swayed by promises of quick work and bargain basement prices, and the piano tuning industry is no stranger to this phenomenon. Rest assured that not all piano tunings are equal. While our rates are most certainly competitive and affordable, we do not forgo work quality and proper procedure to quick tune and instrument that obviously requires greater attention.

Each tuning begins with an inspection of your instrument’s structural and mechanical components. If we find significant underlying issues with these parts that may inhibit the piano’s ability to be tuned or maintain a proper tuning, we will not commence with the work, but instead offer a free written estimate addressing the problems indentified in our assessment. In our view, it would be unethical to proceed and charge for a piano tuning that will no doubt be once again out of tune in a matter of weeks, or even days. Our customers deserve better than that.

Whether it be something as simple as a loose flange screw, missing key top or a complete re-pinning of your piano’s tuning pins, we will only fix what is entirely necessary, and always at a reasonable rate.

Who We Are

Piano Service Toronto

Our highly skilled technicians have extensive international experience in not only , but every aspect of the piano maintenance & service industry. Trained in one of Europe’s leading piano houses, our owner and head technician ensures that every job is done right and at a fair price. Our many years in the industry make us capable of repairing and restoring even the most complex & uncommon piano set-ups. No job is too big or too small. Setting up an appointment for a free quote is just a phone call away. Call or e-mail now!

Emergency service also available!
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