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Looking for an affordable piano tuning option in Toronto?

Don’t be fooled! Not all piano tunings are alike. While there are countless budget tuning options available on the internet, there’s a reason for their frugality. Tuning a piano is more than simply tuning each string to a given pitch (à la a guitar). An experienced tuner has the ear for “stretching” the strings to eliminate what is known as “inharmonicity”, which is an audibly perceived sharpness in the piano’s pitch, even though the string is technically tuned to the correct note and pitch. This occurs because of inconsistencies with the note a string produces along its length. An inexperienced budget quick-tuner, armed with little more than a tuning hammer and an electronic tuner will more often than not miss these intricacies, leading yourself or your family calling for another tuning shortly thereafter due to it sounding out of tune. When booking your next piano tuning appointment in Toronto or the GTA, make sure to call someone who will do it right the first time.

Piano Service Toronto

Your piano’s tunability relies on more than just the abilities of the tuner.

Underlying issues with the condition of the instrument can render it unable to hold a proper tuning. This is most often due to cracks in the pinblock and/or soundboard, where the instrument can no longer bear the immense pressure placed upon it by the tension of the strings. While at times this can be side stepped by tuning the piano to a lower pitch than the ideal 440 Hz, more often than not, it requires more immediate attention, such as repining the piano with larger pins to make them once again tight enough to hold the tuning, or more thorough and costly work, such as replacing the pinblock and repairing the soundboard. At Ivories.ca, you can rest assured that we’ll recommend only the procedures that are absolutely necessary to restore the piano’s integrity.

Regular piano tuning is important to the general health of your instrument.

Neglecting to have it serviced and tuned regularly could lead to more costly repairs later on. Our tuning packages start at only $99 (+HST). Why not avoid larger, more expensive headaches down the road, while at the same time ensuring that the piano players in your household have an instrument they can be proud to play.

When searching for piano tuning in Toronto, look no further than Ivories.ca. We have experienced technicians to guarantee that the job is done right the first time, and every time. Give us a call today!

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